3 More FREE Printables…



Hello fellow bookaholics! I’ve made 3 more FREE bookmarks… the ones I made yesterday were a bit playful (if you get what I mean, which I’m guessing you don’t because, well, I’m saying it. Anymoo, no time to explain) so these three are more elegant and beautiful (if I say so myself… #humble) I think I’m in kind of a reading slump because I’m in a design spree? Is that even a thing?

1.A reader lives a thousand lives…



2.Don’t just call me a geek, call me a reader.

don’t just call me a geek, call me a reader.


3. Love Flamingos, Pineapples, Watermelons, Ice Lollies, and Cacti? Well, don’t worry, you can find them all in books. (Phew, that’s long.)



What do you think? If you have any problems accessing them, please tell me! 

P.S. The bookmarks are slightly over size… Just click on the – button and it should get smaller, taking the blurryness away! 



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