Tips for overcoming writer’s block!



Writer’s block is perhaps writers’ greatest fear. I get this often, especially when I sit down in front of a computer and try to think of more words (which, unfortunately, I can’t most of the time), and I’ve figured out 5 main things to do to overcome it and keep ideas flowing!


1. Take a break

Addiction IS a problem. If you hold onto something for too long, it’s not surprising you’ll run out of ideas eventually. I usually write for an hour and take regular breaks. And sleeping always helps. You never know, characters might speak to you through dreams! 


2. Get some fresh air

Outdoor activities such as taking a walk in the park might spark some ideas. I know how irritating it is to move around, especially after writing for long. However, it’s scientifically proven that looking at green and blue things help to improve your eyes and concentration in the long term!




3. Get Inspiration

Read anything and everything. This includes books (obviously), blogs, and even newspapers. Listen/watch to anything and everything too- music, television, soaps, etc. Also, chatting to friends and family might trigger ideas. You never know how much potential an everyday conversation might contain.


4. DON’T think

Yep, that’s right. Do NOT think. Well, I mean don’t think about writing. I admit, not thinking is harder than it sounds (FYI, it sounds idiotic). I try to avoid all thoughts about my project (or whatever else you might be working on), and keep myself busy with physical and social stuff. Other distractions like homework or watching TV are good ways of doing this as well!


5. Treat Yourself

After hours (or minutes) of exhausting writing, you need to let yourself rest. Also, treat yourself to a shopping trip/Starbucks/Costa/tea/chocolates or whatever you fancy after. Everyone needs motivation to keep going! In this case, those are rewards. For example, my English teacher placed an unopened Ferrero Rocher when each chapter ended in her A level textbook, and then after her exam bought a packet of hobnobs (she LOVES hobnobs) to stuff her face with. 


These are my 5 top tips for overcoming writer’s block. I hope you found them helpful!



8 thoughts on “Tips for overcoming writer’s block!

  1. TrainOfThought says:

    I did a post about this AGES ago which you can see here:

    I totally agree with your advice. Treats is one I hadn’t thought of and Fresh Air always helps! Great tips for my NanoWriMo novel! I’m suffering from writer’s block only 3000 words in!! 😀 This will be so helpful, i;m going to save and share this for sure!!

    P.S Love the graphics in this post

    Liked by 1 person

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