My Nominees for the 2016 Blogger Awards


Thanks to Freepik for this graphic!


The rules for participating and nominating for the 2016 Blogger Awards are on this post, from Elm who’s hosting the awards.

I’m new to the blogosphere, so I haven’t quite got round to reading lots and lots of blogs, so I’ll only nominate blogs/bloggers for the following awards!


Most Approachable Blogger

This has to be Train of Thought at She’s always so helpful and friendly, and comfortable to talk to! Thank you.


Most Relatable Blog

Whether it’s a post about TBRs, collecting books or book reviews, posts make my head nod at


Best Looking Blog

Her posts are great too, but is designed so prettily! 


Most Creative Blogger

The recipes at are simply brilliant, and I always find myself trying them out in my free time!


Most Positive Blog

This goes to, for making me smile whenever I need some positivity in my life!


The Wildcard

This nomination goes to for all the great posts!









7 thoughts on “My Nominees for the 2016 Blogger Awards

  1. Elm says:

    Hey! I’m catching up on the Blogger Awards and just properly read your post with your nominations, I love them! I also love your blog 🙂 Keep writing and putting smiles on people’s faces xx

    Liked by 1 person

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