How to Make Your Blog Unique



Hi, everyone! Here’s the 4 things to must do to make your blog stand out!



I’m sure many of you have gone through a hard (or kind of) time deciding the theme for your blog. I’ve changed my blog’s theme more than 10 times to start with before I settled on Sela. This is a really important stage to make your blog special, especially if it’s a theme not many blogs use!


Logo/Header Image

You can add your own logo or header in the ‘Theme- Customise’ section. I always use canva for this, as it has free images, fonts and templates.  It will attract more visitors to read your posts if your actual blog looks nice!


Featured Image

When you post, on the left hand side, you can upload an image for the post. But don’t just copy and paste off the internet- what’s the fun in that? Try to make your unique own, and again Canva is great for personalising your featured image. You can add your blog name onto the image as well, for example, I put on mine: ‘’.


Add Stuff

A post told plainly in words is no fun (unless, of course, that’s the whole point), so adding a few free printables, images, gifs, and ‘sign off’s (like mine below) are great!





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