6 Fictional names I completely adore



Hi my buddies! I’m a little (8 hours) late for this post, so apologies.

Anyway, this post is about my obsession with fictional names. Here they errrr…not in any particular order, FYI.1-1

#1 Jace from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments

I only read the first book in September yet I’m in total love with the name Jace! 

Clary = good enough.

Simon = meh.

Alec = excellent but also used in the Twilight series.*oops*


#2 Augustus from John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars

Augustus reminds me of an intelligent young man with dark hair. Like Augustus.

Hazel = mine, mine, mine forever.

Isaac = love this name too.

So to sum up, John Green is a name-genius.


#3 Beatrice (Tris) Prior from Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy

The whole thing, surname and all. I’ve just started Divergent. It’s not on my current TBR but who cares. Not me anyway. If I see a book I have to read it. So don’t give me any ideas.

Caleb = I was already in adoration of this name.

Susan = this name’s not for me.

Four (Tobias) = very unique.1-1

#4 Raven, Raven, Raven from who-knows-where

If I read a book and it has the name Raven in it I kiss all the pages and write to all the authors in the world telling them to name their protagonist Raven, not caring if he’s a he or he’s a she. You have been warned.


#5 Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven

Libby = cute

Jack = cuter???

I haven’t actually read the book but the names make me want to shred all the other books in the world. Which is cruel and disrespecting of books so I’ve decided not to actually do it. You can all exhale in relief now. 



#6 Hermione from J K Rowling’s Harry Potter

I thought this name was pronounced Her-me-own, and the films corrected me a few weeks after I’d finished the series. For a while I hated this name because I couldn’t spell or say it but now I freaking love it.

Harry = Noooooo because whenever I read another book with this name in I hear Cho calling Harry in her accent. So #NO to this. I’m sorry.

Ginny = so cute 

So that’s it! Do you have favourite fictional names? If so, what are they?







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