7 (Short Story) Writing Prompts for when it seems like cool ideas always run away from you and never come back


Hello everyone! It’s time for my mid-week post (you’d never have guessed).

Okay. We all know how frustrating it is when you sit in front of a computer and stay there, out of fresh and original ideas, staring at a blank screen, for hours on end. I got the idea for this post while doing just exactly that! Well, wave goodbye to that problem and say hello to Emma’s post! (How cheesy was that? And anyway, these seven prompts will only keep you going for 7 times.)


  1. Your extremely lonely character LITERALLY bumps into a potential soulmate/BFF.

Nothing better than the journey to discovering true love/friendship, right?


  1. Your character is hiding a secret.

They’ve just moved from nowhere, and they have some secrets they’d rather not tell the new people. Like Suzanne in Beautiful Broken Things in some ways.


  1. Your character makes a wish.

You decide what comes after. Maybe make a wish that comes true overnight? Your decision!


  1. Your character discovers his/her true identity.

Take Harry Potter, for example.

He finds out that he’s a wizard from Hagrid. Totally unexpected (to him, not to us, because somehow we knew he was a wizard before even starting the series).


  1. Your character is a troublemaker.

S/he’s gets in a whole lot of trouble for their behaviour etc. This can be at school, home, work or just about anywhere else in the world.


  1. Your character experiences a first.

First kiss, first love, first pet, first abroad trip, whatever. And s/he’s very excited.


  1. Something that involves a broken umbrella, a vehicle ride and coffee.

This gives you more chance to unleash your imagination and think outside the box. ‘What on earth can I do with these completely unrelated three things?’


That’s it. If you like the writing prompts, obviously you can use it as a base for longer writing projects etc! And if you still feel like you could use some motivation, have a look at my post on how to get out of a nightmarish writing block.

Happy writing!

P.S. Tomorrow is when I publish my special Xmas graphic design page, please take part + SPREAD THE WORD!! 🙂 



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