My Laptop Disaster + a lot of reading



Hellow, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while but that was because my laptop kind of broke last week (very convenient timing) and I was rummaging around the internet for a new one. I still haven’t got one, but I am secretly using the tablet behind everyone’s back and risking my non-existent criminal record just because I would feel guilty for not wishing you a happy Christmas. That’s how nice I am. (Happy Christmas.)

And I also wanted to rant about how proud I am of myself as life without access to a computer is very frustrating however I used that long and hard time well, reading 7 whole books! I know this post is full of grammatical nonsense but excuse me. And as I’m writing this on a tablet, no graphic. I will add one once I get a new laptop.

I felt like doing mini reviews but it, after all, is Christmas Eve and I also felt like I should be wrapping up every last present and then going to sleep for the next fifteen hours. So the first ‘proper’ post might not be for another few weeks until I very carefully decide on what laptop to purchase. 

But I’ll probably write a post wishing you all a very happy new year, so don’t miss me *too* much.

Merry Christmas!

Emma xx




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