How I Celebrated My Birthday

My Birthday.png

I didn’t skate with a milkshake/latte balanced on top of my head while gingerbread men formed a biscuit pyramid in front of me, by the way… just in case you were wondering.


My Laptop arrived on my birthday! How crazy. But sadly I had to hand it over to my parent to set up and download and everything technical.

It was my birthday on the 27th of December, and I celebrated by… doing basically nothing. It’s in the holidays so I NEVER actually invite my friends over and dance until midnight, but instead I joint-celebrate it with Christmas. 

So, you can’t exactly say I did nothing because I got a few presents before school broke up and I went to the German market in Birmingham with my family in the afternoon (long ride, but worth it.)

I  had two Bratwurst hot dogs, not because I’m greedy, of course… and bought a whole box of 12 chocolate covered marshmallows to share with my family. Also as a treat, I BOUGHT myself the Divergent trilogy on Thursday. I’m reading Insurgent and Ruby Redfort series finale currently, and so far excellent!

And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear me rant about my presents but I will anyway.

I received a vintage necklace, pocket mirror, a BOOK, jewellery, WHSmith gift cardS, and this laptop, a keyboard and the Divergent trilogy.

I’m so excited about the new year! I’ll be making resolutions and etc. tomorrow. This was very short as I’m still sorting a lot of technical issues out (also my keyboard is malfuctioning. The # sign is typed on by pressing the pound sign (which I can’t find how to type), the actual key with the # printed on types on \ and | but I already have a key for them! And the @ sign and the ” sign is swapped. I think I might need to sue the Acer laptop peoples for messing up my keyboard therefore my life.) but you can look forward to, like, 5 mini reviews a few days into January!




10 thoughts on “How I Celebrated My Birthday

  1. Train Of Thought says:

    So glad you got yourself a NEW laptop (even if the keyboards messed up!)
    And you’re reading the Finale of Ruby Redfort! OMG< Just wait till you find out who the MOLE is! JUST WAIT! YOU WILL NEVER EVER GUESS! (You will not see it coming!) I demand you to stop doing anything and read the book!
    I really want to read Divergent and hopefully, 2017 will make sure I can!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!AND I hope you enjoyed those chocolates and those awesome presents!

    Liked by 1 person

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