Series Review // Ruby Redfort Blink And You Die + Series by Lauren Child


The Goodreads Summary of the series finale, Blink And You Die, states:

Say goodbye to Ruby Redfort: every smart kid’s smart kid. The mind-blowing conclusion to the thrilling series by award-winning author Lauren Child.

Ruby Redfort: undercover agent, code-cracker and thirteen-year-old genius – you can count on her when the ice starts to crack.

All good things come to an end… Ruby Redfort is running scared, a whole bunch of people want her dead and worst of all one of them is on her team. But just who is this agent of doom?

You can run, Ruby, but you can’t hide…

…and the book is as exciting as it sounds, which is pretty rare nowadays. I often get disappointed by books with very intriguing blurbs.

Blink and You Die (Ruby Redfort #6)

It took me almost two, three weeks (who can know? No one’s counting) and now I think about it, that could possibly have been because I did not want to let go of Ruby and Hitch and LB.


The penultimate book in the series, which I read some five months ago, was thrilling! I reviewed in on my previous blog, which a few of you might have come across:

Pick Your Poison, an absolute must for teenage lovers of thriller fiction, revisits the brilliant world of Ruby Redfort in her fifth gripping mission through the surreal vista of Twinford and its covert organisation Spectrum 8.

Each intriguing character contributes to the plot, even without much description. This is one of the rare tales that hooks you in almost as if you are a real character in the book, living amongst every word written.

Lauren Child writes to the challenge of a code-based operation extremely well, and leaves readers tense and excited for the next part, whether it be going through the book, absorbed, chapter to chapter, or waiting for the next book release.

Due to be released in October 2016, Ruby Redfort: Blink and You Die will mark the series finale, a book impatiently waited upon by many captivated readers.


Even now, I still think Pick Your Poison is the best book in the RR series. Pick Your Poison ends with a brilliant cliffhanger, and in Blink and You Die, all is revealed…


Blink and You Die is FULL of terrifying plot twists and turns and I especially love how Lauren Child starts with telling the ordinary (or not so much) present, then suddenly portraying what seems to be a completely irrelevant event in the far past, and somehow merges them together to create an engaging story. 

I first encountered a Ruby Redfort book last April or so, but I didn’t fall in love with it straight away. It took me a couple more to really get into the series, but by when I began Pick Your Poison, I was absorbed, and here I am now, #fangirling.

Really, you have GOT to read this series, it’s a true gem. I’ve reread a few of the books in the series, leaving weeks as gaps, and I (admittedly) couldn’t remember a single thing or the slightest idea how to solve the code I’d read about cracking two months before. So it is really worth having a go.

While the entirety of the Ruby Redfort series deserveth of 4 stars, each individual books’ rating is different:

Look Into My Eyes (Ruby Redfort, #1) Look into My Eyes (#1) – 3.5 stars

Take Your Last Breath (Ruby Redfort #2) Take Your Last Breath (#2) – 3.5 stars

Catch Your Death (Ruby Redfort, #3) Catch Your Death (#3) – 3 stars (special mention to my bubblegum scented cover!)

Feel the Fear (Ruby Redfort #4) Feel the Fear (#4) – 3.5 stars

Ruby Redfort Pick Your Poison Pick Your Poison (#5) – 5 stars

 Blink and You Die (Ruby Redfort #6)Blink And You Die (#6 & finale) – 4 stars

(and #yes to the slightly morbid titles…)



3 thoughts on “Series Review // Ruby Redfort Blink And You Die + Series by Lauren Child

  1. Mahriya @ MyBookishLife says:

    Okay, AHEM, can we just appreciate Bradley Baker’s appearance?! He didn’t even know who he was. AND THEN HE DIES (for real, this time) and man, I feel so sad for LB!!!!!!!
    AND IT WAS BUZZ. CHild fooled me SO BAD into thinking it was Hitch but then BUZZ! I NEVER GUESSED> OMG. #bestplottwistever

    Liked by 1 person

    • Emma says:

      YES!! I was thinking about how you said I’ll never see it coming, so I was thinking Hitch? LB? And even Clancy? But Buzz? I don’t ever remember her being a part in any of the books, except to admit Ruby into LB’s office, but apparently no? It was an amazing plot twist. And yes let’s have a moment’s silence for Loveday and Bradley. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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