Series Review // Spy Society (or Also Known As) + Sleuth and Dare (or Going Rogue) by Robin Benway



To be honest, when I burrowed the first book from the library, I wasn’t expecting much from it at all, because it hadn’t got the “bestselling author of blah blah” or “new york times bestseller” (which every single book seems to have nowadays?? Why?? WHAT is the point then?? I’m a confuzzled flamingo) on the cover.

But after I finished Spy Society, I was amazed. The book was absolutely thrilling and while it had a cliche storyline (you know, the occasional falling for a potential national threat who is actually very wrongly accused, as it is revealed later on, and the cheesy, romantic comments from the aforementioned not-criminal: the usual), it was nonetheless a page turner.

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And so, after snooping around every shelf in every bookstore and library for a couple of loooooong months for the sequel, Sleuth or Dare, I found it casually stuck between books as if it was the most natural thing ever and had no consideration for the life-threatening situation I was in (AKA complete addiction). Despite its obnoxiousness, I was as happy as a kawaii milk carton. The book, thankfully, didn’t disappoint! It’s safe to say that this is an amazing series, and I give them both 4.5 stars, WAIT A TINY MINUTE…

I never knew Spy Society and Sleuth or Dare was only called Spy Society and Sleuth or Dare in the UK? It’s called Also Known As and Going Rogue in other places which I was unaware of until I checked Goodreads to update?? I was so very perplexed – different covers because of different publishers in different countries is fine (okay, well, not exactly fine, but whatever), but different titles? It’s the most confusing, infuriating, argghhh thing ever. I’m a confuzzled flamingo all over again. 

Otherwise, Spy Society is fabulous. If you enjoy Ally Carter’s Heist Society or Gallagher Girls series, then you’ll love this too. It features mostly a teenage girl with a dozen different identities and birth certificates experiencing life threatening situations and dangerous missions.

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The series is worth 4.5 stars too!




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