FOPB // Favourite Part Of Blogging Collab

FOPB Collab.jpg

Hello everyone. First I’d like to mention a thank you to Shania @ Life As Shania for creating this collab! It’s such a great idea, when blogging becomes a chore (which it does every now and then), it’s nice to have a little reminder of why we began in the first place and why we love it.

There are a lot of things I like about blogging, but my favourite part? It has to be one of two things: being part of the wonderful community, and receiving likes and comments. They truly make my day. One follower lightens up my mood and makes me feel so happy! Sometimes I worry about what other people might think of my opinions, but when I receive the alert, it really helps to think that I must be doing something right!

Actually, I’ll add one more thing to that (very short) list: getting tagged! It makes me think, and it’s always awesome to read different ideas and views, I’m sure you’re nodding your head vigorously at this.

This was very short, but that’s it! Thanks for reading and see you soon!



12 thoughts on “FOPB // Favourite Part Of Blogging Collab

  1. FarahEdz says:

    Same. Receiving a nice feedback ( comments, likes ) has always made my day and smile! Absolutely the favourite thing that I like about blogging. I just posted mine and maybe you could check it out?

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